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in listening to the voices of the Boreal Forest.

Canada's Boreal Forest is truly wild space

Map of the Boreal RegionStretching from Newfoundland to the Yukon, the Boreal region’s nearly six million square kilometers make up one of the world’s largest intact forest ecosystems. It supports the world's most extensive network of pure lakes, rivers and wetlands, and captures and stores twice as much carbon as tropical forests. Our Boreal Forest teems with wildlife – including billions of migratory song- birds, tens of millions of ducks and geese, and millions of caribou. And for 14% of Canada’s population, including more than 600 First Nations communities, the Boreal is home.

Beauty of the Boreal

Join us and explore the beauty of the Boreal Forest, and meet some of the wildlife who call this majestic forest home. These photos were collected by our advisors and project partners – many are being showcased right here for the first time ever! You can add your own photos in our Facebook contest too!